Our vigorous vocation for healthy food has driven us to develop a commercial platform that provides the solution to integrate brands and consumers in Argentina and countries in the Region.

Over 30 years’ experience supplying the most demanding food industries worldwide allows us to offer, in Argentina and the region, our service as supplier of natural products and materials either from Argentina or from other countries.

We deliver a wide variety of products that includes seeds and natural grains, nuts and dried fruits, raisins and tenderized fruits, fruit pulps and purée. We always count on product stock to supply industries and big business chains according to their needs.

We provide solutions to those who need these products either as natural food or as fractionated, packed, formulated, roasted products, etc.

Specialists in:

Seeds and natural grains

Nuts and dried fruits

Raisins and tenderized fruits

Fruit pulps and purée

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